Inevitable Change

January 12th: Inevitable Change

Sigh…sometimes I take a very simple sentiment and muddy it up with too many words. I am going to attempt, for the 3rd time, to write these words in my heart this morning.

Human beings have a strange habit of expecting things to always remain as they are despite constant proof that nothing, and I mean nothing, does.

We look up one day to find our children inexplicably grown older. The sweet dimples on the backs of their hands disappeared, their heads smell sweaty instead of sweet, they won’t kiss us on the lips anymore.

We see our parents after time apart and suddenly we realize they are growing old. We look into the mirror and suddenly we realize that we are growing old.

People we love, people we cannot comprehend living without, die. Our lives are a series of events like this, before and after, and yet…we persist in our efforts to pretend like we have forever and ever to get it right, or to do better, or to be…whatever we think we need to be to feel satisfied by our efforts.

I am just feeling this so acutely right now, for a myriad of reasons, and I want to remind you- remind myself- that sometimes our priorities need to be revised. There are things that must be done, I get that, but make sure that you are tending closely to the things that actually mean something to you in the big picture. Be present. Make an effort to show up fully for the people you value. Not soon, but today. Enjoy the irritating little intrusions by your kids, because it means they want your attention, and that’s a gift. A gift with an expiration date, man. These moments are valuable.

At the end of it all, what you have left is love. Everything else falls away, and what is left is love. The love you gave, the love you were given, the love you wish you would have given more of, the regret of not loving enough. I promise you this is the truth. Every single thing in your life will change, except for this. So, do with that what you will…but try not to forget it.

4 thoughts on “Inevitable Change

  1. I couldn’t love this more. It is a painful message, though. Change of this nature is never easy for me. Any of us who feel deeply enough that we are writers or artists or something equally as expressive, well – it’s necessary but tough.

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    • It’s so important to get it, though! Because pretending it won’t happen isn’t going to save us, you know? I just don’t want to regret not trying my best because I was busy pretending I had limitless time. ❤️ This was as much for myself as anyone. 😊

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      • I absolutely agree. I recently Had a surgery and during the recovery, I realized how lucky I was. The surgery was totally elective and I am a healthy person. But it made me realize how fragile we all are and how limited our time can be here. Maybe that was just seeing some of the people and families in the hospital that we’re going through far worse situations. Your reminder is a really timely one as we begin a shiny new decade.

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