November 7th: Still

Most days, if I am lucky, I get a few moments of stillness- perhaps a perfect breath or two during my meditation, sometimes not even that. The rest of my hours are spent with my brain leaping wildly from one thought to the next- so fast, sometimes, that I have to gently remind myself to stop. Just stop. Take a breath, dude.

Lately, it’s been even more that way than usual. With my daily posts here, my participation in NaNoWriMo, my full-time job, my writer’s group, my children and my social media consumption…oh, and the stack of books I’m reading. Then there’s homework and dinners, shopping and planning for Cam’s upcoming birthday. My plate is full. And my head is even fuller.

Add to that the obsessing I am doing over this move…sweet baby Jesus, I’m making myself crazy. It’s almost as if I’m not really even here, on the West Coast, anymore. A part of me is already trying to be there, two thousand plus miles away.

I was walking Lucy earlier today, out strolling my normal path in the finally crisp Autumn air, and I had to remind myself that I am here. I am here now. I can’t be two places at one time. The time to be there will come, but for now, I am here. I pulled myself right back to the present, because this is where all the good stuff happens.

Today, despite this full plate, I have been blessed with peace and stillness. I don’t take this state for granted because it’s not a frequent visitor here. But my goodness, it sure is nice.

For you, I wish the same peace and stillness. I hope that, when your thoughts pull you miles away, you can come back to the present, where your life is unfolding. Today, may you remember that this day will never come again, and it is precious. Come back. Be here. Take a breath, dude.