For the love of Christ, floss. And not just for the few days before you go to the dentist- like, all the time. Get a water flosser (I have one and they are super awesome), get an electric toothbrush, brush, brush, brush. Go to the dentist.

Do NOT be like me and be cursed with teeth about as strong as Play-Doh, use drugs for ten million years, and ruin teeth that were probably going to suck anyway.

On Monday, I have to go and get, like, my 47th root canal. Look, I know that is not possible, but it sure seems like it to me. I am so sick of having dentists root around in my mouth…I think I have dental PTSD.

So, here is my sage advice for today:

FLOSS. Yes, you, reading this right now- floss your teeth tonight before you go to bed. Brush one more time a day than you do right now. Use Listerine (it smells so bad, it has to be beneficial, right?). Seriously, though…this is truly good advice. Maybe the best I’ve ever given anyone. You will not regret listening to me about this, I promise you. Do it. 😊